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Achieving More Together: How Our Google Ad Agency Helps Finance Brokers Grow


Above Lead Targets

Within 2 months our Google Ads achieved revenues 300% above what was expected from the client. 


Increase In Completions

Our Google Ad campaigns led to Hippo Bridging's monthly completions increase by over 100%

Our Strategy

We first evaluated the current lead generation and customer experience systems, identifying areas that could be refined & improved.

We improved and developed these systems into a highly converting landing page. Then created a customised Google Ad campaign that drove traffic to the landing page.

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Our Results

The Google Ad campaign led to an additional 4 completions in the first month and a 300% return on the expected revenues. 

Hippo Bridging have now chosen to continue working with us and have increased their budgets, to get more completions through the proven Google Ad system we created. 

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