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A Passion for Finance and Marketing: The Labs Media Founders

Our Aim

We recognised whilst working with our first client, the untapped potential of digital marketing in the broker space. We aim to work with brokers to exploit this potential and grow their revenues.

We want to grow with brokers and align our incentives to provide you with digital lead generation that can help you scale.

Our Story

Meet Louis and Ben, best friends and founders of Labs Media. The two have been friends since they were very young and have always been eager to work together. Together, they founded Labs Media in 2022 during their time at university and now help finance brokers across the UK grow online. 

Our Values


We strive for long lasting relationships with our clients, always looking to create profitable systems that provide lasting benefits into the future.


Results are our upmost priority. We are proud of the results we have made for our clients in the past. Our results driven pricing model always ensures that our incentives are aligned. We provide weekly reports of our results and are happy to meet to explain performance.


We are always looking to provide our clients with original and innovative marketing solutions that help the brokers we work with stand out and get ahead of competitors. 


Trust from the brokers we work with is a vital element to providing the results we produce. It's why we are always transparent with our clients and meet with them frequently. We never make a decision on your behalf, rather offer our solutions as suggestions for the best course of action.

Our Team

Louis Adkins

I thoroughly enjoy the work I do, it's a fantastic feeling to see the campaigns we create have lasting benefits for the brokers we work with. I strive for results, looking to build relationships where if our clients grow, we grow. Working alongside my best friend Ben is also a pleasure, I enjoy every bit of work we do together and look forward to achieving our goals in the future. 

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Ben Sneddon

Being the Co-Founder of a business you love, with your best friend is exactly what you think it’s like. Work is no longer work. Goals are no longer distant. Trust is no longer questioned. Having the freedom to work in the perfect environment for myself has allowed me to prosper in the work I do. I take great pride in the campaigns and relationships we create with our clients.

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